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Our Services


We offer complete Solutions starting from Engineering, Procurement to Construction. Our Team will visit site to do Solar Assessment of the site and provide details of system Capacity which can be installed there. After closing of contract we will do the Procurement and dedicate a Project manager for the Project. The Project manager oversees Construction, Installation and commissioning work. After successful completion of the project the system testing and handover to the client is done.

O & M Services

We offer a range of Operation services like Remote Monitoring, Panel Cleaning and other preventive and corrective maintenance Services. We strive to enhance the output of the System and provide remote access, periodic visits and panel Cleaning Services.

Rooftop Solar

The Idle rooftop is ideal for installing Solar Power System. Customized Mounting structure are designed based on Customer’s needs. With Super Structures the Roof can still be used if required. It can also be shifted to another floor in case the owner decides to build a new floor.

Waste Management

We are currently working on several offerings which will help in disposal of Organic waste which is 50% of total household waste at the source itself and also provide Compost as an end product. Similarly we plan to install many Plastic disposal machines which will be used to recycle plastic waste.

Remote Monitoring

We offer remote monitoring of systems in order to track the solar power generation on a daily basis. It is capable of analysing energy consumption and generation, optimising energy usage, various performance parameters, and supervising the functioning and progress of the components of a solar power plant.

3D Designing & Shadow Analysis

We Provide Complete detailed design engineering solution for Residential, Commercial and Industrial Solar projects with 3D Photos & shadow visualization for a particular site location before installation.

Solar Street Light

Solar Street light with Li-ion/ LiFePo4 Battery with long life and reliable service. The solution helps you save on electricity bills using Power of Sun.

Solar Home Light System

We Offer Solar Home Light System. It can be used for non-electrified rural areas, as an emergency lighting system in houses and commercial establishments and as a reliable system for lighting and backup.