Benefits of Using Solar Power for Homes
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Benefits of Using Solar Power for Homes

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Solar Power benefits extend beyond the environment. Yes, this is correct. This blog will make you aware of various benefits that household users can draw from solar energy.  But before that, we would like to draw your attention to some of the problems that you must have faced with your electricity. 

Do you always get an uninterrupted power supply? Does a high electricity bill put an adverse effect on your monthly budget? 

If your answer is Yes, then this blog is for you. 

You will know that by channelizing the sun’s energy properly, you can power up all your household appliances like TV, ACs, Food processors etc. 

The fastest growing solar company in Delhi-NCR is helping us to understand the benefits in more detail here:
Benefits of Solar Power to Household Users

1. Solar Energy can help you to save on your Monthly Power Bill.
In one joint study, the policy and research group CREEW and BSES Yamuna Power Limited (BYPL) concluded that you can save up to 95% of your monthly electricity bills by installing rooftop solar panels. Solar panels directly generate electricity by using the Sun’s energy. Therefore, It can help you in decreasing your dependence on grid-based electricity. You will experience that more than saving on the monthly budget, a solar power system will ensure year-round service, efficiency, and savings.

2. Solar Energy can help you to increase your Property’s Valuation.
By installing solar rooftop panels users experience an increase in property valuation by 3 to 4%. Properties with solar panels get a better premium compared to other similar properties (but without solar panels) in the market. In one research, it was observed that properties that use solar energy can easily recover the solar panel cost and premium pricing during resale.

3. With Solar Energy, you can remove your dependence on Centralized Grids.
In the climate of inconsistent power supply due to increased power demand, using the independent solution is the safest and most sustainable solution. Users can add a battery backup to their power system, this will help them to provide additional independence. This way, an uninterrupted power supply will not affect users and users will be able to enjoy the comfort of electric appliances.

4. Solar Energy adds no Carbon Emission
Fossil fuel-generated electricity is harmful to the environment. By adopting solar energy, users can promote green energy. Solar power is a clean source of energy that produces no air and water pollution. Moreover, it reduces carbon footprints as no harmful emissions are released when solar electricity is being produced by rooftop panels. Therefore, greenhouse gases don't get affected by solar energy. 

5. Solar Energy is economical in the longer run
Yes, you may realize the initial installation cost is a bit high. But the Govt of India is providing subsidies and other monetary incentives to reduce your initial cost. But this will be a one-time investment, solar panels are highly durable and require close to zero maintenance for more than 25 years. You just need to remove dust from the panels, and you are free to avail the budget-friendly benefits of solar energy. 

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