Solve India's Power Crisis with Solar Energy
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Solve India's Power Crisis with Solar Energy

Solar Company in Bhopal

Explore Solar Solutions with the Solar company in Bhopal. Power failures are common in India. Last month, half of Bhopal city faced eight-hour-long power cuts. This was an actual incident in the Capital City of Central India. If this is not enough, then India faces a coal crisis every second year that impacts the power supply. But there is more to add to the power crisis. The Government fixed the deadline of May 2018 to achieve 100% electrification in the country. However, this is still a dream. Although, the states that have received 100% electrification are not able to provide an uninterrupted power supply. However, there is hope with renewable energy. India’s power crisis can resolve if Indians explore solar energy solutions better. This blog will highlight how solar rooftop panels can help India to sustain better power solutions.

Solar Company in Bhopal on Renewable Energy

Solar energy is an example of renewable energy. Data suggests that more than 64% of the Indian population stays in Rural India. In rural India, more people stay in independent houses. 

Therefore, the installation of residential solar panels on rooftops is practically viable. With solar panel mini-grid or off-grid installations, even un-electrified households can get electricity.

Solar Company in Bhopal on Rooftop Panels  

As per Business Standard’s Report, India added 1700MW solar capacity in 2021, which is close to a 136% year-on-year rise from the previous levels. The contribution of the Indian Govt and their policies hold special applause for making renewable energy popular in India. Special subsidies, custom duty concessions, tax holidays and excise duty exemptions led to a rise in demand for rooftop solar panels across India.

Various housing societies, farmhouses and residential complexes are exploring the possibilities of installing solar panels. Solar panels provide a big array of benefits, starting from accelerating the process of electrification to cost-saving against diesel-operated generators. A study carried out by the Center for Science and Environment (CSE) has concluded that diesel generators cost between INR 15-20 per unit against solar energy, which costs only INR 3-4 per unit. Therefore, rooftop solar panels hold an upper edge over diesel-operated generators.
A Win-Win Situation for Govt and Households

There are several advantages of renewable energy that can benefit the environment, govt and users. Bhopal users need to start by analyzing their current electricity consumption and compare the cost with rooftop solar panel provided solutions. 

A representative from BlueNeba can help you in this comparison. You just need to fix an appointment, and a solar energy expert will visit the location and procure the required details. By analyzing your consumption, they will guide you with the appropriate rooftop solar panel option. In case you need any more details, you can contact us here. 

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