Solar Company in Bhopal Helped Client to Save 80% on the Electricity Bill
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Solar Company in Bhopal Helped Clients to Save 80% Electricity Bill

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Prof Kalika Yadav lives in the Bagmugaliya area of Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. Prof Yadav’s parents were quite upset over long and frequent power-shedding hours, whereas Prof Yadav was also observing that his monthly electricity budget was going up due to continuously rising unit prices. The moment of shock came in May 2021, when his monthly electricity bill crossed Eighteen thousand.
Prof Yadav started exploring options for green energy- An energy solution that can reduce the financial burden on the family and lays no negative impact on the environment.

Solar Company in Bhopal offered the Best Solution

Prof. Yadav explored various means of green energy, and after exploring various options. He selected  Solar Energy Solution from BlueNeba, which is a renowned solar company in Bhopal

A team of Solar system experts visited Prof Yadav’s household and discussed the power consumption needs of the family.  They advised Prof Yadav to install 8KW grid-based power solar panels.

Why is the energy solution offered by this solar company in Bhopal important?

By adopting solar energy solutions, Prof Yadav benefited directly in three ways.

1. More than 80% saving on Electricity Bill
By adopting solar energy, Prof Yadav has reduced his monthly bill by 80%. He will recoup his initial cost within 4 to 5 years. 

2. Freedom from Long Power-Cuts
Long power shedding hours do not affect Pro Yadav’s family anymore. Mrs Yadav claims,’ Our decision of shifting to solar panel solutions was really wise as when the whole of Bhopal faces day-long power cuts during summer, our family enjoys the comfort of uninterrupted power supply at home.”

3. No guilt Feeling
Prof Yadav’s family is happy that they are responsible citizens and helping the country in reducing carbon footprints. Solar panels are an example of renewable energy, therefore their family is indirectly supporting a clean India.

A Brief about Solar Company in Bhopal

Blue Neba, the smart solar company in Bhopal, is one of the renowned solar companies in Madhya Pradesh. They have offices all across the states of Madhya Pradesh and Haryana. Prof Yadav is quite happy with Blue Neba’s professional ethics and after-services. Now Prof Yadav recommends their services to his everyone..

If you are too worried about your rising electric bills, you too can consult Blue Neba’s expert advisors here.

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